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CATC Executive Committee

Brian Edwards (Chair)

Crown Professor in Middle East Studies & Director of the Program in Middle East and North African Studies (MENA), Northwestern University

Fadia Antabli (Co-Chair)

Assistant Professor of Instruction, Arabic, and Language Coordinator, Program in Middle East and North African Studies (MENA), Northwestern University

Fadi Abughoush

Arabic Teacher, Robert Lindblom Math & Science Academy (CPS)

Mutazz Alabd

Arabic Teacher, Universal School, Bridgeview

Tyler Blackwell

Eexutive Director, Center for Arabic Language & Culture (CALC)

Laila Elamin

Arabic Teacher, Aqsa School, Bridgeview

Fabiola Fadda-Ginski

World Language Manager, Office of Language and Cultural Education, CPS

Zuka Jabri

Assistant Principal & Arabic Language Coordinator, Mecca Center Sunday School, Willowbrook

Brittany Kam

Arabic Teacher, Lindblom Math and Science Academy (CPS)

Alan Mather

Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Center for Arabic Language & Culture (CALC), and Director, Office of College and Career Success, CPS

Alice Saba

Arabic Teacher, Volta Elementary School, CPS

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