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Annual 2018-2019 Class Schedule

Course #Course TitleFallWinterSpring
ARABIC 111-1-20Arabic IBen Romdhane
ARABIC 111-1-22Arabic IMikhaeel
ARABIC 111-1-23Arabic IMikhaeel
ARABIC 111-2-21Arabic IBen Romdhane
ARABIC 111-2-22Arabic IMikhaeel
ARABIC 111-2-23Arabic IMikhaeel
ARABIC 111-3-20Arabic IKhan
ARABIC 111-3-21Arabic IBen Romdhane
ARABIC 111-3-22Arabic IBen Romdhane
ARABIC 114: Egyptian DialectConversation and Culture in the Arab WorldMikhaeel
ARABIC 114-0-1Conversation and Culture in the Arab WorldAsma Ben Romdhane
ARABIC 121-1-20Arabic IIKhan
ARABIC 121-1-22Arabic IIBen Romdhane
ARABIC 121-2-20Arabic IIBen Romdhane
ARABIC 121-2-22Arabic IIKhan
ARABIC 121-3-20Arabic IIAntabli
ARABIC 121-3-21Arabic IIAntabli
ARABIC 125-0-20Media ArabicKhan
ARABIC 211-1-20Arabic IIIAntabli
ARABIC 211-2-20Arabic IIIAntabli
ARABIC 211-3-20Arabic IIIMikhaeel
ARABIC 311-1-20Arabic IVKhan
ARABIC 311-2-20Arabic IVKhan
ARABIC 311-3-20Arabic IVMikhaeel
ARABIC 316-1-20Reading Arabic Poetry (in Arabic)Antabli
ARABIC 316-2-20Reading Classical Arabic Texts (in Arabic)AntabliMikhaeel
ARABIC 399Independent StudyTBD
HEBREW 111-1-20Hebrew ISeltzer
HEBREW 111-2-20Hebrew ISeltzer
HEBREW 111-3-20Hebrew ISeltzer
HEBREW 121-1-20Hebrew IISeltzer
HEBREW 121-2-20Hebrew IISeltzer
HEBREW 121-3-20Hebrew IISeltzer
HEBREW 216-1-20Hebrew III: Topics in Hebrew LiteratureSeltzer
HEBREW 216-3-20Hebrew III: Topics in Hebrew LiteratureSeltzer
MENA 101-6-20First-Year Seminar: We Are What We Eat: Turkish Food Culture and Cuisine Topcuoglu
MENA 101-6-20First-Year Seminar: Topic TBDAlemdaroglu, Ayca
MENA 200Making the Modern Middle East: Culture, Politics, History Pearlman/Johnson
MENA 301-1-1Seminar in Middle East and North African StudiesPetry
MENA 301-2-20Seminar in Middle East and North African Studies: Porous Borders? (MENA 301-2-20 co-list with ANTHRO 390-0-23))Yildiz
MENA 301-3-20Seminar in Middle East and North African StudiesYosmaoglu
MENA 390-3-1Advanced Topics in Middle East and North African StudiesIngram
MENA 390-3-20Advanced Topics in Middle East and North African StudiesYildiz
MENA 390-3-21Advanced Topics in Middle East and North African StudiesYildiz
MENA 390-6-20Advanced Topics in Middle East and North African StudiesJohnson
MENA 390-6-21Advanced Topics in Middle East and North African StudiesKhoshkhoosani
MENA 399Independent StudyHoffman, Katherine
MENA 411 Approaches and perspectives in MENA StudiesJohnson, Rebecca
MENA 412-1, 412-2, 412-3The MENA ColloquiumHoffman, KatherineHoffman, Katherine
MENA 412-1, 412-2 412-3The MENA ColloquiumTBD
MENA 415-0-20Graduate Colloquium AdvancedTBDHoffman, KatherineHoffman, Katherine
PERSIAN 111-1-20Persian IIKhoshkhoosani
PERSIAN 111-2-20Persian 1Khoshkhoosani
PERSIAN 111-3-20Persian 1Khoshkhoosani, Pouye
PERSIAN 121-1-20Persian IIKhoskhoosani
PERSIAN 121-2-20Persian IIKhoshkhoosani
PERSIAN 121-3-20Persian IIKhoshkhoosani, Pouye
TURKISH 111-1-20Turkish ITopcuoglu
TURKISH 111-2-20Turkish ITopcuoglu
TURKISH 111-3-20Turkish ITopcuoglu
TURKISH 121-2-20Turkish II Intermediate TurkishTopcuogluTopcuogluTopcuoglu
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