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Fall 2018 Class Schedule

MENA 101-6-20First-Year Seminar: We Are What We Eat: Turkish Food Culture and Cuisine TopcuogluTTh  11:00-12:20pm
MENA 301-1-1Seminar in Middle East and North African StudiesPetryMW  3:30-4:50pm

ARABIC 111-1-22Arabic IMikhaeelMTWThF  1:00-1:50pm
ARABIC 111-1-20Arabic IBen RomdhaneMTWThF  10:00-10:50am
ARABIC 111-1-23Arabic IMikhaeelMTWThF  2:00-2:50pm
ARABIC 114: Egyptian DialectConversation and Culture in the Arab WorldMikhaeelTTh  3:30-4:50pm
ARABIC 121-1-20Arabic IIKhanMTWTh  2:00-2:50pm
ARABIC 121-1-22Arabic IIBen RomdhaneMTWTh  12:00-12:50pm
ARABIC 211-1-20Arabic IIIAntabliMW  12:30-1:50pm
ARABIC 311-1-20Arabic IVKhanTTh  5:00-6:20pm
ARABIC 316-1-20Reading Arabic Poetry (in Arabic)AntabliTTh  12:30-1:50pm
HEBREW 111-1-20Hebrew ISeltzerMTWTh  10:00-10:50am
HEBREW 121-1-20Hebrew IISeltzerMTWTh  11:00-11:50am
HEBREW 216-1-20Hebrew III: Topics in Hebrew LiteratureSeltzerMW  12:30-1:50pm
PERSIAN 111-1-20Persian IIKhoshkhoosaniMWF  9:00-9:50am
PERSIAN 121-1-20Persian IIKhoskhoosaniMWF  10:00-10:50am
TURKISH 111-1-20Turkish ITopcuogluMWF  11:00-11:50am
TURKISH 121-2-20Turkish II Intermediate TurkishTopcuogluMWF  1:00-1:50pm
MENA 412-1, 412-2 412-3The MENA ColloquiumTBDM  12:00-2:00pm
MENA 415-0-20Graduate Colloquium AdvancedTBDM  12:00-2:00pm
MENA 390-3-1Advanced Topics in Middle East and North African StudiesIngramMW   2:00-3:20 PM
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