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Affiliated Faculty

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Inna Naroditskaya

Inna Naroditskaya

Professor of Ethnomusicology

Fields of Interest: music, gender, politics; anthropology, Slavic, Middle-Eastern studies
Research Areas: Azerbaijani musical culture, gender, Islam and music, Russian eighteenth-century music and politics, post Soviet 'Eastern' states
Languages: Russian, Azeri, French

Nasrin Qader

Nasrin Qader

Associate Professor of French

Fields of Interest: Contemporary literatures in French, Arabic, Persian; philosophy and literature; Islamic thought and mysticism
Research Areas: African literature (French and Arabic); literary theory
Languages: English, French, Arabic, Persian, Spanish
Elie Rekhess

Elie Rekhess

Visiting Professor of History and Visiting Crown Chair in Israel Studies

Fields of Interest: History of the contemporary Middle East, Israeli society, The Arab-Palestinian minority in Israel, Political Islam, Hamas and Islamic Jihad
Research Areas: The Arabs-Palestinians in Israel, Islamic resurgence in Gaza and the West Bank, Israel Studies
Languages: English, Hebrew, Arabic
Shayna Silverstein

Shayna Silverstein

Assistant Professor of Performance Studies

Fields of Interest: popular culture, nationalism, sectarianism, masculinity and gender, embodiment, sound, performance cultures

Research Areas: Syria, Lebanon

Languages: Arabic

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