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Matthew Brauer

Primary Department: French & Francophone Studies

Began Graduate Studies: 2012

Area(s) of Research Interest: Maghrebi literatures in comparative contexts, especially the Mediterranean and the Francophone Caribbean across the 19th and 20th centuries, focusing on the transformations of literature and literary theory in circulation and translation and the interactions of literary and non-literary discourses (especially social science writing).

Matthew is interested in the ways literature interacts with other sciences to create relations to history, particularly how French and Moroccan literatures of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries have understood Maghrebi history through its architecture and its archaeological sites. 

His dissertation investigates the relation between literature and territory in Arabic- and French-language novels from the Maghreb as the conceptual crux of Maghrebi literary modernity, which, it argues, emerges in the way these novels deploy difference and distance from the territory of the Maghreb or its constituent nation-states, rather than in consolidating them as geopolitical territorial units.

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