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Saeid Golkar, "Militant Clergy - the Future of Shia Islam?" Lobe Blog (July 28, 2016).

Elizabeth Shakman Hurd, "In Syria, Keeping the Faith". Boston Review (May 23, 2016).

Saeid Golkar, "Why Khamenei Always Fights His Presidents". The National Interest (May 19, 2016)

Saeid Golkar (interviewed by Gareth Smyth), "In Tehran, undercover morality police battle 'bad hijab'". The Arab Weekly (May 8, 2016).

Wendy Pearlman, "The surprising ways fear has shaped Syria's war". The Washington Post (March 24, 2016).

Wendy Pearlman, interviewed on "Interruptor Series no. 28". Foreign Policy Interrupted (March 15, 2016). 

Saeid Golkar (interviewed by Gareth Smyth), "Iran leader picks Ebrahim Raeisi to head powerful foundation". The Guardian (March 9, 2016).

Wendy Pearlman, "Syrian children in Turkey heal through storytelling". PBS Newshour Teacher's Lounge (March 2, 2016).

Saeid Golkar, "The Victims of Wishful Thinking About Iran". The National Interest (February 21, 2016).

Jessica Winegar, "Four Ways to Make Schools Safer for Muslim Students." Huffington Post (January 15, 2016).

Brian Edwards, "They've destroyed us worldwide: Donald Trump, George W. Bush and the destruction of the American Century." Salon (January 10, 2016).

Saeid Golkar, "Lebanon Awaits Winner in Regional War: Shias or Sunnis? Iran, Saudi Arabia, or Isis?" The Guardian (January 8, 2016).

Jessica Winegar, "Five Exciting Developments From Across the Middle East in 2015." Truth-Out (December 31, 2015).

Brian Edwards, "'Why Islam? Why Are Muslims Considered the Worst by Americans?' The Questions Young Muslims Ask Me about Donald Trump and America." Salon (December 26, 2015).

Saeid Golkar, "The Unifying Fable of Iran's Nuclear Deal." The Chicago Council of Global Affairs (December 11, 2015).

Elizabeth Shakman Hurd, "Don't Subject Refugees to a Religious Test." Al Jazeera America (November 17, 2015).

Jessica Winegar, "Presidential candidates must stop playing fantasy football in the Middle East." The Hill (November 5, 2015).

Elizabeth Shakman Hurd, "How International Relations Got Religion, and Got It Wrong." Washington Post (July 9, 2015).

Elizabeth Shakman Hurd, "Transcending the Nationalism of the Armenian Genocide Debate." Al Jazeera America (April 24, 2015).

Brian T. Edwards, "Teach Arabic in Public Schools,” Chicago Tribune, April 6, 2015, p. 15.

Inna Naroditskaya, "Russian-Speaking Jihadists." Huffington Post (March 4, 2015).

Nabeel Khoury, “When Will They Announce the Death of the Arabs?” MENA Source – The Atlantic Council (February 9, 2015).

Nabeel Khoury,“A New Hezbollah in Yemen?” MENA Source – The Atlantic Council (January 29, 2015).

Nabeel Khoury, “Limitless Ambitions of Yemen’s Houthis.” Cairo Review of Global Affairs (January 29, 2015).

Inna Naroditskaya, "The Religious Chants the Islamic State is Using to Woo Recruits." Washington Post (January 14, 2015).

Elizabeth Shakman Hurd, “International ‘religious freedom’ agenda will only embolden ISIS.” Religion Dispatches (November 10, 2014). Reprinted on the PluRel blog with responses.

Nabeel Khoury, “Will the Real President Obama Please Stand Up?” Middle East Corner (November 3, 2014).

Nabeel Khoury,  “Better Late than Never?” Middle East Corner (September 23, 2014).

Elizabeth Shakman Hurd, “Directions in the study of religion: Elizabeth Shakman Hurd.” Interview with Marginalia, Los Angeles Review of Books (September 16, 2014).

Wendy Pearlman, “America’s nonintervention is a vote for Syria’s Assad,” Reuters (June 3, 2014).

Elizabeth Shakman Hurd, “The bogus gospel of free trade and free religion.” Al Jazeera America (May 20, 2014).

Wendy Pearlman, “On the Third Anniversary of the Syrian Uprising,” Huffington Post (March 11, 2014).

Wendy Pearlman, “The Argument Against US Intervention in Syria … And Why It’s Wrong,” Huffington Post (February 21, 2014).

Print Articles

Wendy Pearlman, "Narratives of Fear in Syria," Perspectives on Politics 14, no. 1 (March 2016): 21-37.

Saeid Golkar, "Manipulated Society: Paralyzing the Masses in Post-Revolutionary Iran," The International Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society, September 29, 2015: 1-21.

Saeid Golkar, "Student Activism, Social Media, and Authoritarian Rule in Iran," in The Whole World is Texting: Youth Protest in the Information Age. Irving Epstein, ed. (Rotterdam: Sense Publishers, 2015).

Brian T. Edwards,  “To Make the World a Better Place, Teach Arabic,” The Chronicle of Higher Education, May 11, 2015, back page.

Wendy Pearlman, "Puzzles, Time, and Ethnographic Sensibilities: Research Methods after the Arab Spring," Middle East Law and Governance 7, no. 1 (2015): 132-140.

Saeid Golkar, "The Role of the Basij in Iranian Politics" in Politics and Culture in Contemporary Iran: Challenging the Status Quo. Abbas Milani and Larry Diamond, Eds. (Boulder: Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2015).

Elizabeth Shakman Hurd, “Politics of Sectarianism: Rethinking Religion and Politics in the Middle East.” Special Issue, “Research and Methodology in a Post-Arab Spring Environment: Challenges for the Field,” Middle East Law and Governance 7, no.1 (2015).

Saeid Golkar, “Iran's Revolutionary Guard: Its Views of the United States," Middle East Policy, Vol. XXI, Issue no 2 (2014): 53-63.

Elizabeth Shakman Hurd, “Alevis under Law: The Politics of Religious Freedom in Turkey.” Journal of Law and Religion 29, no. 3 (September/October 2014): 416-35.

Wendy Pearlman, “Ethics and Research on the Middle East,” Program on Middle East Political Science Studies, no. 8 (July 2, 2014).

Elizabeth Shakman Hurd, “The specific order of difficulty of religion.” The Immanent Frame, May 30, 2014.

Wendy Pearlman, “Fathers of Revolution,” Guernica, May 15, 2014.

Elizabeth Shakman Hurd, “Religious Freedom, American-style.” Quaderni di Diritto e Politica Ecclesiastica, no. 1 (April 2014): 231-242.  

Brian Edwards, "Jumping Publics: Magdy el Shafee’s Cairo Comics," NOVEL: A Forum on Fiction 47.1 (Spring 2014): 67–89. Special issue: "Is the Novel Democratic?" Guest edited by Nancy Ruttenburg. 

Wendy Pearlman, “Competing for Lebanon’s Diaspora: Transnationalism and Domestic Struggles in a Weak State.” International Migration Review 48, no. 1 (Spring 2014): 34-75.

Jessica Winegar, “The Moral Panic Over Chinese in Egypt,” Middle East Report 270, (Spring 2014): 35-39.

Brian Edwards, "Islam," in Keywords for American Cultural Studies, 2nd edition, ed. Bruce Burgett and Glenn Hendler (NY: NYU Press, 2014): 137–141.

Jessica Winegar, "Civilizing Muslim Youth: Egyptian State Culture Programs and Islamic Television Preachers," Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 20, no. 3 (2014): 445-465.


Brian Edwards, After the American Century: The Ends of U.S Culture in the Middle East. New York: Columbia University Press, 2015.

After the American Century

Elizabeth Shakman Hurd, Beyond Religious Freedom: The New Global Politics of Religion. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2015.

Beyond Religious Freedom

Hannah Feldman, From a Nation Torn: Decolonizing Art and Representation in France, 1945-1962. Durham: Duke University Press, 2014. 

book cover of From a Nation Torn

Brian Edwards (ed.), On the Ground: New Directions in Middle East and North African Studies. Doha: Northwestern University in Qatar, 2013.

book cover of On the Ground

İpek Yosmaoğlu, Blood Ties: Religion, Violence, and the Politics of Nationhood in Ottoman Macedonia, 1878-1908. Ithica: Cornell University Press, 2013.

book cover of Blood Ties

Inna Naroditskaya, Bewitching Russian Opera: The Tsarina from State to Stage. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012.

book cover of Bewitching Russian Opera

Carl Petry, The Criminal Underworld in a Medieval Islamic Society: Narratives from Cairo and Damascus under the Mamluks. Chicago: Middle East Documentation Center, 2012.

book cover of The Criminal Underworld in a Medieval Islamic Society

Hamid Naficy, A Social History of Iranian Cinema, Vols. I-IV. Durham: Duke University Press, 2011-2012.

book cover of A Social History of Iranian Cinema

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