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HEBREW 111-1/2/3  Hebrew I
HEBREW 121-1/2/3  Hebrew II
HEBREW 216-1/2/3  Hebrew III: Topics in Hebrew Literature
HEBREW 316-1/2/3  Hebrew IV: Advanced Topics in Hebrew Literature

HEBREW 111-1/2/3  Hebrew I

Course Description: The three-quarter first-year course is designed to develop all four language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) and an explicit knowledge of Hebrew grammar.

Prerequisites: None.

Teaching Method: Classwork centers on learning new vocabulary and grammatical structures. These are introduced and exercised orally in anticipation of dealing with written dialogues and essays. Drills in the texts and on audio files expand and reinforce the new material. Independent lab work is part of the coursework.

Evaluation Method: A student's grade for this course will be based upon (1) daily homework assignments, (2) weekly quizzes, (3) a midterm exam and (4) a final exam.

Readings: Title: A Taste of Hebrew (Text & Workbook) Author: Edna Genossar Publisher: Orah Books Year: 1999 ISBN: 0-9672541-0-8

HEBREW 121-1/2/3  Hebrew II

Course Description: The three-quarter second-year course is an intermediate level course in Hebrew. The purpose of the course is to enlarge the student's vocabulary and to reinforce and expand his/her knowledge of Hebrew grammar in order to improve conversational and writing skills as well as the ability to handle literary texts (from Biblical to modern).

Prerequisites: HEBREW 111-3, or equivalent.

Teaching Method: The lessons will center around the reading and discussion of literary texts (prose and poetry; occasionally-- newspaper articles). Homework assignments will include written exercises, compositions and preparation for oral presentations in class.

Evaluation Method: Grades will be based on (1)daily homework assignments, (2) quizzes, (3) oral presentations, (4) a midterm exam and (5)a final exam, and/or final pape

Readings: Intermediate Hebrew (test and workbook). Northwestern U. Press, Evanston 1987

HEBREW 216-1/2/3  Hebrew III: Topics in Hebrew Literature

Course Description: This is an advanced level course in Hebrew. Literary works from Old Testament to contemporary Hebrew prose and poetry will be read, discussed and analyzed orally and in writing.

Prerequesites: Hebrew 121-3 or equivalent

Teaching Method: The lessons will center around discussion of literary works. Homework assignments will comprise short compositions and exercises.

Evaluation Method: Grades will be based on (l) weekly short compositions or exercises and (2) midterm and final papers.


HEBREW 316-1/2/3  Hebrew IV: Advanced Topics in Hebrew Literature

Course Description:Reading 20th-century Hebrew literature. 

Prerequisites: Hebrew 216-3 or equivalent

Teaching Method: Presentations, discussion, and essays in Hebrew.

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