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MENA Majors Inducted Into Phi Beta Kappa

Congratulations to MENA majors Joe Baka and Colleen Cassingham on their induction into the Phi Beta Kappa Society! This honor reflects the exceptional hard work they have applied to their studies as well as the esteem of their professors.

Conference: Face, Body, and Image in Cinema

The Center for Global Communication and Culture is holding a conference featuring presentations from a number of professors. MENA core faculty member Hamid Naficy will introduce a screening of the Iranian film Shirin and deliver a paper entitled "The Artful Face, Voice, Gaze, and Ear in Iranian Cinema."

This book talk follows the trajectories of the survivors of the 1915 Armenian Genocide who remained inside Turkish borders after the signing of the 1918 Mudros Armistice (and during the Allied occupation years of Istanbul) and after the 1923 establishment of the new country as the Turkish Republic. How did the Kemalist state treat the remaining Armenians? What were Armenians’ responses to the new (but also old) Turkish regime?