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MENA Director Brian Edwards in the News

Brian Edwards, Crown Professor in Middle East Studies, Professor of English and Comparative Literary Studies, and Director of the MENA Program, has been in the media with some frequency of late — with a podcast on Paul Bowles and Moroccan music, another on American culture in the Middle East, a radio interview exploring how artistic and cultural works in the first decade of the century foreshadowed the Arab uprisings of 2011, and a and a high-profile report on the future of foreign-language education.

Chicago Arabic Teachers Council connects Arabic teachers from across Chicago

We are excited to announce the Chicago Arabic Teachers Council, a new partnership between MENA and the Qatar Foundation International (QFI) that connects university-level educators with K-12 and private school Arabic teachers through a network of support and collaboration. All Chicago-area Arabic teachers are invited to attend upcoming events on April 22 and May 20, which will explore "The Role of Assessment in Foreign Language Teaching" and "Language and Culture."