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Middle East and North African Studies

fall mena courses!


interdisciplinary approaches to the mena region

Northwestern students: Have a look at the range of MENA courses on offer in the Fall 2019 Quarter — in history, anthropology, theater, comparative literature, performance studies, and other disciplines — both undergraduate and graduate, taught by our award winning-faculty!


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Fall 2019 Classes!

Our award-winning faculty are offering exciting Fall Quarter classes on Turkish Culture and Cuisine, Contemporary Middle Eastern Performance, Ottoman Jews in the Age of Nationalism, Locating MENA: Space, Power and Mobility, Modern Arabic Prose, Hebrew Literature, Persian, Turkish, and more!
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MENA faculty members produce cutting-edge research and public scholarship on the contemporary Middle East and North Africa, publishing articles in leading academic journals and books that are widely taught and make an impact both in the scholarly world and in the wider cultural conversation.


Studying a language of the Middle East and North Africa allows you to have a more intimate perspective on the cultures, histories, and societies of the region. Whether you choose to major in MENA or not, you may enroll in courses in any of the four major languages of the region: Arabic, Hebrew, PersianTurkish.

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A MENA Student Reflects on her Summer in Jordan
Katherine Hoffman publishes book chapter on parentless children in Morocco and Islamic family law

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