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Middle East and North African Studies

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Assembling an Oral History of the Syrian Conflict

Wendy Pearlman & Brian Edwards in Conversation

MENA faculty member Wendy Pearlman discusses the process of assembling her critically-acclaimed book We Crossed a Bridge and It Trembled: Voices from Syria, which attempts to tell the story of the Syrian conflict through the voices of the people who lived it, in dialogue with MENA's former director, Brian Edwards.


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New Fall 2018 Classes!

Our award-winning faculty are offering exciting Fall Quarter classes on Turkish Culture and Cuisine, Egypt under Nasser and Saddat, Reading Arabic Prose, Hebrew Literature and Film, Islamic Law, Egyptian Arabic, and a variety of language courses in Arabic, Persian, Turkish, and Hebrew.
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MENA faculty members produce cutting-edge research and public scholarship on the contemporary Middle East and North Africa, publishing articles in leading academic journals and books that are widely taught and make an impact both in the scholarly world and in the wider cultural conversation.


Studying a language of the Middle East and North Africa allows you to have a more intimate perspective on the cultures, histories, and societies of the region. Whether you choose to major in MENA or not, you may enroll in courses in any of the four major languages of the region: Arabic, Hebrew, PersianTurkish.

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MENA Study Abroad Information Session

3:30 PM - 4:30 PM, Evanston

Come learn from the Undergraduate Learning Abroad Office about study abroad options in the MENA region including Israel, Jordan, Morocc...

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Danny Postel publishes article on the Saudi-Iranian rivalry and the geopolitics of sectarianization
Article on Brian Edwards' work as chair of the Weinberg College Language Initiative

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